Since its foundation in 1989, the company has been led by biotechnology specialists striving to make its bio business successful.
The company has secured various new drug candidates that are novel (First Class) and more effective (Best in Class) through
its innovative new drug development technology.

In order to secure competitive edge through diversification of pipeline candidates,
joint research projects are conducted in cooperation with globally renowned medical research institutions.
For prompt and efficient development of innovative new medicines and for successful commercialization,
close partnerships are established with multinational pharmaceutical companies.

The company pledges to take the lead in improving the quality of life of patients and those surrounding them through developing more effective therapeutics.


A global biopharmaceutical company focusing on developing innovative new medicines



Business Area

  • Anti-cancer immunotherapeutic agents

    We focus on finding potential immune checkpoint proteins as
    target candidates for anticancer therapies by identifying
    immuno-modulatory proteins expressed in various cancer and immune
    cells and developing antibody and/or small molecule based therapies
    against such target candidates.

    STCube seeks to develop innovative, first-in class therapies to satisfy the
    unmet need in patients with limited response to existing therapies.
    The company also aims to develop improved, best-in-class therapies for those patients who are responsive to existing immunotherapies.

  • Anti-viral medicines

    Certain viruses employ immune checkpoint mechanisms to impair
    the immune functions in the hosts. Immune checkpoint inhibitors can
    thus be effective in restoring immune functions in those patients
    infected with such viruses, especially those with impaired immune functions
    such as elderly Patients and patients with preexisting conditions.

    STCube’s immune checkpoint inhibitors promotes secretion of immune cells stimulating cytokines such as IL-2 and interferons, thereby facilitating removal of infectious viruses. The company is currently developing
    immune checkpoint inhibitor based antiviral drugs.