STCube has established a cooperative network with academic, industrial, and clinical institutions. We continue to seek collaboration opportunities in the areas of immunology and infectious diseases.
Academic Collaborations

STCube has collaborated with Steven H. Lin, MD, a clinician at MD Anderson Cancer Center, in developing a platform to identify new immune-checkpoint proteins. STCube entered into a Sponsored Research Agreement with Professor Mien-Chie Hung, also at MD Anderson Cancer Center, directed to investigation of protein glycosylation, culminating in a platform to develop a distinct class of antibodies. Dr. Hung is currently serving as the President at China Medical University, Taiwan, and the collaboration is still on-going in his new capacity. Further, small molecule drug candidates are currently being developed in cooperation with Dr. Stephen W Byers at Georgetown University.

Industrial Collaborations

In order to commercialize cancer immunotherapies and anti-viral therapies for infectious diseases, various collaborations with industrial institutions such as Samsung Biologics, Canada based Nexelis, and U.S. based Weinberg Group, are currently on-going. Regarding certain pipeline products, collaborations involving potential joint development and/or technology transfer are currently under discussion with several globally recognized biopharmaceutical companies.

Clinical Collaborations

STCube is part of a collaborative network in which top-notch clinicians and scientists from world-renowned hospitals and clinical and research organizations take part.

The company continually seeks opportunities to collaborate with other domestic and foreign academic, industrial, and clinical institutions.
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